Dixion in Russia

Dixion is a federal trading and manufacturing company.

In partnership with leading medical equipment manufacturers of Europe and Asia we have created and we successfully develop the widest range of high-end medical equipment under the uniform trademark. Dixion regional network covers 62 regions of Russia.

Professional team

Dixion network unites over 1000 highly qualified experts in development, manufacturing, sales and service of medical equipment throughout Russia. Most of our experts have special medical and bioengineering education and many years’ experience in the field.

Today Dixion is a well-known and popular brand of medical equipment.

Sales under the brand of Dixion demonstrate a steady growth trend throughout the company history.

Dixion in every city

Dixion equipment can be found installed in every region of Russia, in all major medical establishments.

Over 1200 clients a year

We actively collaborate with leading government and non-government organizations of the country.

40000 installations of medical equipment

Every year Dixion increases in sales of its medical equipment by 7000 units.

Number of sold equipment units by popular subgroups

Over the last 8 years the number of Dixion medical equipment units by popular subgroups grew more than by 700%.
  • Extractors
  • Beds
  • Monitors
  • Infusion pumps
  • X-ray view boxes
  • ECG recorders
  • Dopplers
  • General anesthesia
  • Operating tables
  • Incubators
  • Fetal monitors
  • Other products

We are tracing global trends in the medical market and public healthcare innovations. We pay special attention to medical staff needs.

Each year our company launches 10-15 new up-to-date models of various groups of equipment.

Federal presence

The company is present in every region of Russia.

Distribution network

The company’s widest distribution network covers 62 regions of Russia. Our partners are leaders in sales and service of medical equipment in their regions!

24 joint ventures

Uniform brand, sales and pricing policy, logistics, management, quality control system, reliability and guarantees, uniform marketing campaign.

By 2020 the number of joint ventures is expected to reach 60.

Presence in 150 cities of the Russia Federation by 2020.

Representative and service offices of Dixion are expected to be established in every city with population over 100000 people.

Customer support across Russia

Dixion customer service consists in effective work of high-tech engineering center in Moscow and authorized licensed service facilities of joint ventures and partners.

After-sales service of Dixion equipment is provided immediately in the region.

60 trade shows every year

Organization and participation in industry conferences, congresses and forums both in Russia and abroad.

Dixion equipment is presented at all the major public healthcare events.

Expert training base

Dixion has its own base to train experts both in sales and in service support of equipment.

Experts are continuously improving their qualification at dedicated courses.

Training of clients and doctors

Real-time and online workshops, trainings clinics. Elaboration and publishing of textbooks, teacher editions, research papers in collaboration with leading experts of the country.

Development investments

Dixion invests significant funds in development of product range, brand promotion both in the Russian and foreign markets and encourages comprehensive development of its partners and agents.

Dixion International

Organization of distribution network for sales of medical-purpose goods in 70 countries

Marketing and logistic strategies established over the years, complete portfolio of necessary documents enable Dixion to deliver equipment to partners in 70 countries.

International representative offices of Dixion successfully operate in Germany, China and Russia.

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Dixion Healthcare

Assistance to Russian patients to undergo treatment in Germany

Combination of knowledge, skills and contacts established in the medical community throughout many years as well as significance of German medical capabilities enable the highest quality care of patients using the latest results and resources of German public healthcare.

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Dixion clinic

Network of multifield medical centers equipped to the European standards

In 2010 the brand development was successfully supplemented with the concept of establishing high-yielding medical centers. The project implies creating a network of medical facilities in cities of Russia for the purpose of medical assistance to the population on a paid basis.

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